1. Knowing God and Make Him Known

  • We want every middle school and high school to understand their true identity in Jesus Christ, to put their faith and trust in Christ, and to share that message of hope and grace with their friends, family, neighbors, classmates, teammates, and anyone else they meet.

2. Pray

  • We want to equip students to pray. We believe in the power of prayer, but more importantly, we believe in the God who answers prayer. We want our students to develop personal prayer habits of intercession (praying on behalf of others as well as themselves), specificity (clear, specific requests), perseverance (long-term commitment to pray), and boldness (nothing is too big for God).

3. Connect

  • We are called to, and meant to be in, community. We want to help all students build relationships with other students as well as caring, Christ-like adults.

4. Grow

  • Regardless of where you are starting at, we want all students to grow in their relationship with Christ. We want all students to come into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ that is real and personal, to live in community with other Christians in order to grow in knowledge of and commitment to Jesus, to be trained and equipped to share the Gospel of Jesus with all people, and to serve others here locally and around the world.