The Authenticity of the Bible: Prophecy

A few weeks ago, our high school curriculum brought us to the subject of the authenticity of the Bible by look at four specific areas: TextsArchaeologyProphecyAuthority This past week on our podcast, we talked about how prophecies mentioned in the Bible show the divine nature of the Scriptures. We specifically talked about how Jesus fulfills … Continue reading The Authenticity of the Bible: Prophecy

The Bible and Archaeology

Recently, our student ministry has been talking about archaeology and how many discoveries support the Bible. These discoveries do NOT 100% prove every word and detail of every passage, but they do show the many of the people, places, events, and culture are accurate. Sometimes history and archaeology has even denied that someone/thing mentioned in … Continue reading The Bible and Archaeology

Extra-Biblical Evidence for the Ten Plagues in Exodus

Recently, in our Wednesday Night Youth Group meeting on Zoom, we discussed the archaeological evidence/discoveries regarding the Exodus account in the Bible. The link below specifically speaks to evidence for the ten plagues from Here is the link:

Articles that help explain the Bible and its claims

This year, our student ministry is focusing on giving our students proof/evidence for the claims of the Bible. We are spending time teaching them about apologetics (having reason to believe in God's Word) as well as archaeological evidence that supports what the Bible says. One such example is how prophecies in the Bible have come … Continue reading Articles that help explain the Bible and its claims