Sunday School

Our Sunday School ministry is built with a long-term vision in mind. We want our students to learn the Bible and what it says about the God who loves them dearly as well as understand and experience the transformation it can have on their lives as they live it out and share the message of hope found within. We currently offer two classes:


Middle School (6th-8th grades): Over a three year period our middle school students will be introduced to Scripture based on Lifeway’s “The Gospel Project” curriculum. This study seeks to help students understand what they believe and why they believe it by walking them through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, examining Scripture through a Christ-centered lens as well as teaching them essential beliefs of the Christian faith every student show know.


High School (9th-12th grades): Over a four year period our high school students will be intentionally walked through Awana Youth Ministry’s four year curriculum “Journey“. This curriculum seeks to establish high school students as lifelong disciples through relevant teaching on how to be a disciple of Jesus, living out one’s faith in Jesus, and sharing their faith in Jesus with their friends.

This year we are studying the “Advocates” curriculum.