COVID-19 and Asians

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about this virus (Covid-19) and where it came from. There are some interesting theories/statements about its origin. Many are calling it the "China-virus" among other similar titles. While, as far as we know, it did originate in China, this is not a reason to treat … Continue reading COVID-19 and Asians

Noah and the Flood: Salt water vs. Fresh water

Recently, in our Wednesday Night Youth Group, we have been discussing Genesis 6-9 regarding Noah, the Ark, and the Flood. One of our students asked a question about salt water vs. fresh water and its impact on fish/aquatic animals. Here is an article that speaks to that exact issue:

Articles that help explain the Bible and its claims

This year, our student ministry is focusing on giving our students proof/evidence for the claims of the Bible. We are spending time teaching them about apologetics (having reason to believe in God's Word) as well as archaeological evidence that supports what the Bible says. One such example is how prophecies in the Bible have come … Continue reading Articles that help explain the Bible and its claims