New Podcast Episode on “Hell”

Yesterday, we posted our newest podcast episode on “Hell” from our bigger unit on Evil and Hell. This lesson focuses on the reality of a real, literal place known as Hell. It is the tragic consequence of humans’ rejection of God’s gift of grace, forgiveness, and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of speculation in the larger culture, throughout the religious world, and even within Christianity that there is no Hell. I understand the desire for that to be true, but there is no Scriptural basis for such a claim.

The basis of this idea derives from the fact that “God is love“. Certainly, a loving God would not send people to Hell (an eternity separated from Him). I will dispense with the phrases like “God does not send people there – people send themselves” although I agree with that logic wholeheartedly.

Instead, I want to focus on the glory of Heaven. Heaven is the place where we will spend eternity with the most wonderful, loving, powerful, gracious, awesome being/creature/thing/person PERIOD. God.

I am not sure if Heaven really has gold streets and gates made of pearls (I hope it does), but I do know that in Heaven there will be no crying. No pain. No sorrow. No hurt. No injustice.

God has always wanted a relationship with us – not just head knowledge – but a real, personal relationship. Unfortunately, we have all chosen to reject that relationship.

But God has made the way back into relationship with Him and ultimately to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. The road is only via Jesus Christ.

We don’t have to spend eternity apart from God. But we don’t have to spend eternity with God, if we don’t want to. It is our choice.

God is not going to force us to love Him back. He loves so much that He died on the cross to pay the price for our rebellion and disobedience.

He loves us so much that He came back to life by rising from the dead (not like a zombie).

He loves us so much that He has prepared a place for us in Heaven. He loves so much that He has invited us into a new relationship with Him through Jesus. But only if we want it.

He loves us so much that He lets us decide: to love Him back or reject Him.

If you forget Him and reject Him, there is a consequence. You will spend eternity apart from Him – in a real, literal place called Hell.

But again it is YOUR CHOICE. So what do you choose?

Listen to the podcast here.

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