New Podcast Episode on “Suffering”

This past Sunday, we posted our newest podcast episode on “Suffering” from our bigger unit on Evil and Hell. This lesson focuses on the idea that God can bring good from our suffering.

Sometimes we cannot see it until much later. Sometimes we never see the good, but we can trust that our suffering is not in vain.

In this lesson, we talked about Joseph based on Genesis 37-50. The account of his special gift (not the coat), how he faced injustice and false accusations, yet ultimately was named second in all of Egypt – which helped him save his brothers from a severe famine.

There were a few big takeaways for us:

  1. It is okay to ask God questions.
  2. Know that God is aware of your suffering.
  3. Know He is with you through the suffering.

We know that suffering is NO FUN! It is hard. It seems unfair. While we acknowledge that, we must also acknowledge that we have a choice on how we will approach our suffering. So the question is, how do you handle suffering? And how do you help those who are suffering?

Listen to the podcast here.