UPDATE TO PARENTS: MBC Student Ministry and COVID-19

MBC Students and families,

We have made it through the weekend, and while there is still a lot up in the air, we are beginning to make more solid plans here at Mineral Baptist Church.

First of all, just as a reminder about COVID-19 prevention, even though you and/or your kids may not be showing symptoms or showing minimal symptoms you/your kids can contract the virus and carry it/pass it along to others. Therefore, be careful as you are out and about and be sensitive to those around you. Places like Louisa Resource Center are preparing with the mindset of “if we can contain this/manage it now, we won’t have to suffer this long-term.”

Here at MBC, we are taking this situation two weeks at a time. For now, we are cancelling Upward sports, Youth Group, Awana, weekly Bible Studies, and Sunday School until March 29. We will NOT be having worship on March 22 and March 29, but we are working to have a “virtual service” on those Sundays. More information will be coming out soon about how you can view it. We also encourage you all to continue giving financially to the church and its ministries via the website or mobile app. You may still send your offering to the church via mail. Carolyn Sims, our admin assistant, is sending out an email shortly with that information. This applies to the Annie Armstrong Missions Offering as well.

Finally, I will be reaching out to you over the next week to check in and see if/how we can help you during this time.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via email at mbcassociate@outlook.com.

Pray for the leadership of our church, county, state, and country as we all navigate this situation.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Kris/PK

P.S. I have posted a link to our student ministry website’s blog tab with articles and resources on how to talk to your families about COVID-19. A new one from Dare 2 Share ministries will be posted later today (3/16/20).

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