Articles that help explain the Bible and its claims

This year, our student ministry is focusing on giving our students proof/evidence for the claims of the Bible. We are spending time teaching them about apologetics (having reason to believe in God’s Word) as well as archaeological evidence that supports what the Bible says.

One such example is how prophecies in the Bible have come true. 100prophecies is one such site that breaks down different prophecies and how they are being/have been fulfilled throughout history.

In Wednesday Night Youth Group, we are studying Genesis 1-11 and how those chapters are significant for what Genesis 12-Revelation 22 spells out.

J.D. Greear helps shed some light on Genesis 1-2.

Answers in Genesis speaks to the importance of what happened in the very beginning and the early stages of human history.

We are also encouraging our students to have confidence and boldness in their faith. Check out this article on how Christianity measures up.


3 thoughts on “Articles that help explain the Bible and its claims

    1. The Holy Spirit is totally enough. In a culture that attacks the validity of the Bible and refers to it as false or as a myth, we are working to teach and equip our students that what the Bible says is true and humans have verified the Bible’s facts through “non-Biblical, non-Christian biased” means.

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