Day 1: World Changers 2019 – July 15, 2019

We are here at World Changers! Today was mostly a day of travel and training. We were assigned to our crews that we will be working with the rest of the week. One of the cool things about the crews is that students are assigned roles: safety inspector, break master, devotional leader, crew recorder, and medic (more of keeping track of the first aid kit). Many of our students volunteered to serve in these capacities. We start work tomorrow (Tuesday). Our theme for the week is Uncharted and tonight’s worship and message was about Moses as a baby and how that crazy moment ultimately helped save the nation of Israel. No one thought about that when he was placed in a basket. We all have times where our lives feel uncharted/uncertain but God is in control and He knows the way.

Pray for us all tomorrow as we are going to be part of a huge block party in the city. Pray people will come and that all of the World Changers churches and participants would represent Christ well and have opportunities to share the Gospel with the people of Morganton.