DAY 2: MFuge 2019 Update – June 11, 2019

Hey everyone. Day 2 is in the books and it was another great day – our first full day at Fuge. A lot of the students are already slowing down a little from walking up the mountain and back and forth to rooms and activities and Bible Study groups.

Today we went to our ministry sites for the first time. Some of our groups will return to the same site every day we are here and other groups will bounce around to different sites. For those of you who are not familiar with MFuge, it is best described as a missions camp. It has all the same structures of camp (worship, meals, groups, etc.) but instead of doing a game track, all of our students and adults have been divided up into 30+ groups with other teenagers and adults from all over the country to serve in either Evangelism Ministry, Social Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Games & Recreation Ministry, or Painting-Construction-Yardwork (PCY).

Today, Mineral BC’s mission team reported their MFuge teams going into low-income neighborhoods to play games with the kids in the community, prayer walks, mulching and planting flowers and socializing at a local nursing home, making over a local school’s landscaping, and evangelizing random people – including witnessing to two Jehovah Witnesses (not our students but two girls from other churches and one of our adults). We heard stories of overcoming fears of talking to people, in general. We heard stories of courage to actually pray with people and share the Gospel. We heard stories of learning about the lives of other people. We heard stories of teams rallying together to accomplish tasks quickly and with excellence.

Our worship times have been great. The worship music has been tremendous and our worship leader, Bethany, stressed to us tonight that the word Hallelujah literally means a loud praise. Her point was that it is easy to worship God here at Fuge, but what about at home when we re-enter the stresses of our “normal lives.” We need to be able to praise God regardless.

Our speaker Chip Dean has been great. Two of our students even said to me (Pastor Kris) tonight after the evening worship, “You didn’t tell us he was going to be so deep!” This morning in Morning Celebration he brought us a message from Galatians 5 about how we are all broken and its influence on how we see ourselves and our world. He also talked about how the world does not reflect Galatians 5:22-23. We, as people, do not naturally reflect God’s characteristics and goodness. He also encouraged us to “uncover our sin to Jesus” which is the only way to deal with our brokenness. Jesus does not chew us out. He will forgive us and make us new.

This evening, Pastor Chip talked about sin and the hold it can put on our lives using 1 Kings 18 about Elijah and the prophets of Baal as our text. He reminded us that sin takes us places we never intended to go, pay more than we wanted to spend, and stay longer than we ever intended to stay. He stressed that the problem of sin is that we think we can handle it but the truth is that it takes us further and further and tries to destroy us. He also acknowledged how sin is a worship problem – putting things that are not of God and really are of Satan (because anything not of God is of Satan) first. He reminded us that Jesus loves us and the cross proves that love and is the payment for our sin. He left us with the thought that we need to destroy our sin before it destroys us.

All in all, another great day. Continue to pray for us and with us as we seek to live out the love of Jesus and have the boldness to share His message of grace, love, and freedom!

*We will post some more photos tomorrow.